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Bring intelligence to medical data.

Bring intelligence to medical data.

Nowadays, around 50% of Clinical Trials are delayed due to patient recruitment, since patient data collection is performed in a manual fashion. This makes clinical research highly inefficient, taking years and billions of dollars to develop a new drug, with a very low success ratio from Phase I trials to market approval.

This problem could be solved through Real World Data, i.e. derived from Electronic health records (EHR). But unfortunately up to 85% of existing clinical data is unstructured, i.e. in plain text.

IOMED has found the solution to this situation, taking advantage of full value of clinical Real World Data. It developed a tool that extracts and structures the necessary data from clinical texts. The result is a structured, standardized and interoperable database that contains the complete clinical information from a given hospital.

As a result, there is a +200% increase in criteria-compliant patients and a reduction of total time of 90.5% and of manual labor of 83%.
I am a passionate self-taught developer with more than 8 years of programming experience. The latest 4 I have worked on my startup as CTO and main developer.
CEO and Co Founder at IOMED MEDICAL SOLUTIONS. I'ḿ passionate of Business Development, and have been doing so for +4 years, mainly abroad.


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