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Specializing in genetic diagnostics for hereditary disorders


Invitae is a multidisciplinary company executing a novel business model in a highly technical, highly regulated, and overly complex industry against a backdrop of rapid and disruptive technological advancement. In order to execute our shared vision—to bring genetics into mainstream medicine to improve healthcare for billions of people on the planet—we must operate on an incredibly high level. Thriving in a world of ever-accelerating technology cycles and relentlessly increasing competition requires crisp execution, but also an ability to innovate at scale. This, innovation at scale, is a notoriously difficult problem, one that most traditional organizations routinely fail to solve.1 What typically happens, is a cycle that starts with an initial burst of innovation that is soon followed by the price of success in the form of ever-increasing organizational complexity. Widely adopted methods for taming organizational complexity make companies manageable and predictable, but also often leave them stagnant and vulnerable to disruption. At Invitae, we’re building an organization that can continuously innovate at scale. Equally importantly, we’re building a company where we love to work.

Perks and benefits

Health coverage

Take advantage of comprehensive benefits, including health, dental, and vision.

Family friendly

Have peace of mind with generous vacation days ("take all the time you need; don't let your team down") and an excellent family leave policy.

Strong compensation

We offer competitive salaries and equity in a rapidly growing company.

Work how you want

We make work easy with flexible working hours, the computer and accessories of your choice, and opportunities to work from home.