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Advanced 3D bioprinting

Advanced 3D bioprinting

Inventia Life Science is advancing 3D bioprinting technology to revolutionise biomedical research and regenerative medicine.

The company's strong foundation of fundamental research has led to the development of a proprietary platform encompassing bioprinting technology, an expanding library of printable bioink materials and custom protocols for specific applications.

The RASTRUM platform is now available to enable efficient and powerful bioprinting of 3D cell-based assays for biomedical research.
CTO @Inventia Life Science . Specialist in 3D bioprinting technology application and development. B.Eng. Mech. Eng. and PhD in Computational Fluid Dynamics
COO @Inventia Life Science. Strong background in business (EY) and life sci ventures (iQG) with PhD in 3D bioprinting (UoW)

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