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Intuition Machines is looking for top tier Systems, Security, and Machine Learning engineers to help build the future.

We are looking for developers with a history of Open Source or professional development. Your job may include helping us build and improve our hCaptcha.com service, which has many millions of daily users.

hCaptcha.com, built on the HUMAN Protocol, has substantial traction and is growing rapidly. Join us as we work to advance the state of the art in secure systems, machine learning, and other fields with immediate practical applications.
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Posted 4 weeks ago
  • Create and develop various types of demand generation content: ads, landing pages, emails, blog posts, infographics, etc.
  • Support and collaborate on content initiatives, including partnership collateral, blog posts, brand marketing, thought leadership articles, white papers, and more.
Software Engineer

Web Services Engineer - Frontend Focus

Posted 2 weeks ago

hCaptcha is looking for skilled developers to help build and improve the rapidly growing HUMAN Protocol Platform. hCaptcha is a privacy focused service, helping to identify and stop bot traffic all the while paying sites for providing meaningful answers from their users.

Software Engineer

Web Services Engineer

Posted 2 months ago
  • Designing, architecting, communicating technical designs and improvements to high capacity, highly available systems including hcaptcha.com itself.
  • HCaptcha practices DevOps so you should be comfortable handling the operations around your code. You will be responsible for monitoring and operating the code you develope. You should be able to mentor other engineers in DevOps practices.
Software Engineer

Data Analyst / Engineer

Posted 2 months ago
  • Applying ML models to achieve accurate image data annotation
  • Cleaning, augmenting, transforming, and automating workflows/pipelines on large datasets
Software Engineer

Internal Security Engineer

Posted 3 weeks ago
  • Work on our production code. We have many security-related features you will help to improve, including state-of-the-art applications of ML to the security domain.
  • Inform the techniques of how our code is built through this experience. This can include adding scanners, fuzzers, or other automatic analysis or improving processes. The goal is to develop new techniques to ensure engineering teams find flaws before they are introduced into production. Be a security subject matter expert and respond to any security engineering question. Provide on the job training on new security technologies and techniques.

Machine Learning Research Fellow / Intern

Posted 2 months ago

Interested in working on hard problems at scale?

We are looking for current and graduating MSc/PhD students who would like to work with us on a research project.


Representation Learning Senior Research Scientist

Posted 2 months ago

Interested in working on hard problems at scale?

We are looking for researchers with 3+ years of practical Industry experience, exceptional coding and software engineering skills; PhD level research and/or a strong publication record (at conferences like ICLR, NeurIPS, ICML, CVPR, ICCV, etc or s...