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Tom Proulx

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Co-founder of Intuit and author of Quicken. Chairman of Netpulse, Inc. Board member and adviser to numerous tech startups over many years.


Connie Yue

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Tim Hobson

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I'm a developer with a passion for building impactful software solutions for individuals and small businesses. Worked @Intuit , @first-data-1, @Talking Blocks

Shruthi N

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Ayush Datta

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Software Engineer working on Machine Learning.

Harrison Tsai

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@University Of California, Berkeley EECS graduate currently at @Intuit; interned at @Broadcom, @Salesforce, and @Trulia

Paulina Zeng

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Interaction & Visual Designer

Lauren McGovern

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SEO Content Program Manager @Dropbox | #Northeastern alum | Passionate about (great) content, marketing strategy, and technology.

Grace Chang

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Cynthia Hickson

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Seasonal Tax Support Representative at Intuit

John Gianakopoulos

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Ellery Addington-White

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Founder at Lunafi

Brandon Duncan

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Staying ahead of the game...

Anowar ul Islam

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Guy Taylor

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Vice President, Operations Engineering Small Business Division at Intuit
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Board members and advisors

Data Scientist, Big Data, Database Expert, Software Architect, Engineer, MBA, Startup Guy, Leader, Microsoft, Sony, Stanford, PnG, Chevron, Siemens, and more

Former team

Craig Dabney

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Filip Grace

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Craig Soto

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Anurag Singhal

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Kelly Chien

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Chris Brulak

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