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Interactive eBooks and Audiobooks

Interactive eBooks and Audiobooks

With millions of publications geared toward knowledge building through response-based content, there is no platform to electronically interact with questions. Our API-based User Experience solves that through relationships with authors and publishers who provide such content on our platform. Responses are provided through various input methods, including text and voice, and stored independently of content for privacy in user ownership. The interface is designed to present questions and receive answers in a conversational flow. The current title library was obtained through agreements with major publishing houses that produce bible-based content intended for small group members, churches, and individual users seeking spiritual growth. Additional application source opportunities exist for education in any context that involves a need to produce evidence of understanding.

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Brian Noah

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Working with start-ups to create Initial release, hiring key employees, consulting for product and marketing strategy, leadership training and development.
Founder and CEO of Interstudy • Nearing completion of a career in Law Enforcement. Visionary of the concept and Motivator of the team.


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