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Internshala is a dot com business with the heart of dot org.

Imagine a world full of freedom and possibilities. A world where you can discover your passion and turn it into your career. A world where your practical skills matter more than your university degree. A world where you do not have to wait till 21 to taste your first work experience (and get a rude shock that it is nothing like you had imagine it to be). A world where you graduate fully assured, fully confident, and fully prepared to stake claim on your place in the world.

At Internshala, we are making this dream a reality, join us!
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Senior Visual Designer

Posted 1 month ago

Let’s design the future of India, shall we?
At Internshala, our mission is to equip students with relevant skills and practical exposure through internships and online trainings.


Visual Content Developer (Motion Graphics Artist)

Posted 1 month ago

About the role -
Internshala's mission is to equip every student on the planet with necessary skills and practical exposure to fulfill their dreams. And our online training platform, Internshala Trainings is central to that mission.

Software Engineer

Web Developer

Posted 1 week ago

Recruitment is one of the most fundamental problems in the world. In this era of Artificial Intelligence & Virtual Reality, it remains relatively unsolved.