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    Kailani Joy

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    Marketing & Communication at Interana

    Jane Funk

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    Scott Arnold

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    Scott Arnold MDM & MFA without the WTF! sarnold@okta.com Experience Engineering Recruiting Manager at Okta, Inc. January 2014 - Present (2 years 5 months)

    robert johnson

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    Vlad Vinarskiy

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    IT Operations Manager at Interana

    Max Elisman

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    Brown Math-CS, Team Lead - Support Engineering at Interana, looking for new adventures!

    Andy Kiang

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    Product at Interana

    Alexis Johnson

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    Worked at @Interana, @Yelp
    Early employee at Simply Continuous ( acq by Netenrich ) and Coraid

    Former team

    Archana Madhavan

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