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Company insights delivered to your fingertips in real-time

Company insights delivered to your fingertips in real-time

Based in Silicon Valley, and founded by the team that built the technology Facebook uses internally to understand the behavior of its 2 billion users, Interana provides the world’s most advanced enterprise platform for product analytics and behavioral analysis in a GDPR era. Used by companies such as Microsoft, Salesforce, Comcast, Goodyear, Uber, Sonos. Bleacher Report and many others, Interana is the only solution that allows business users to analyze trillions of data points, iteratively and in real-time, to go beyond the static reports and dashboards of traditional BI and analytics tools, and surface business insights that would otherwise remain hidden. For more information, please visit us at interana.com, or on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn as @InteranaCorp.

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Series C (Nov 2016)