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Home automation for boats and RVs

Home automation for boats and RVs

Interactio helps boaters and RV enthusiasts to affordably protect their investments, reduce risks and optimize energy usage.

Interactio's internet connected devices enable remote interactions, via a web app, and onboard management, via a native mobile app, of electrical, fuel, security and environmental systems.

Benefits include:
- Real time indication of your boats most efficient cruising speed.
- Remotely turn off battery draining systems - even fully disconnect your battery.
- Know if your bilge is save from fume build up or pump failure before disaster can strike.
- Before you get to your boat, make sure it is ready to go - fuel, battery and even a cold fridge!

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David Burton

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Founded Interactio, ran Prod Dev & Cloud Ops teams for SaaS Apps, 8 years at Oracle running Engineering and Marketing Auto teams, no BS get things done person