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Reduce IT costs by 90%. Replace 120 servers by one rackmount cluster-in-a-box

Jobs at Intensivate

Intensivate is at the cross roads of a terrific product market fit, well positioned to capture the opportunity just before the AI/ machine learning explosion, that is soon to storm the industry. Bring your passion to our movement! We are looking for semiconductor / microprocessor folks with RTL, backend, firmware, system code (bootloader / kernel), benchmarking, and architecture.
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Firmware developer for RISC-V accelerator card

Implement firmware for the IntenScale chip. Opportunities include UBoot, PXE, BIOS, bootloader, and switch firmware.


Benchmark and Performance Software Developer for RISC-V accelerator card

We are making an accelerator that expands the data center by 12x in the same budget. It places 21 servers on a PCIe card, each of the 21 is equivalent to a Xeon Gold 6130 16 core rackmount server, when running scale out applications like Hadoop, Spark, and giga-transaction workloads.

Other Engineering

UVM developer for chip verification

Set up UVM environment for Intensivate's chip, and strategize on alternative approach to verifying the chip, which uses the RTL itself as test infrastructure on FPGA.