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At Integration Alpha we believe that learning from facts and related events using intelligent analytical capabilities is fundamental to human evolution. In our digital age, the mass of information combined with rapidly evolving possibilities determines how we comprehend our environment. Using technology, artificial intelligence and machine learning we unlock previously unknown facts and create new insights. We support our clients, employees and partners on this journey through the complexities of advanced analytics to create new value from data.

Integration Alpha prides itself on its experienced team with substantial expertise at the crossroads of data management and Financial Services. All founding members have built and managed enterprise level centers of expertise, data warehouses and big data platforms at global players including Credit Suisse, UBS, Zurich, JPMorgan Chase, PepsiCo, Novartis and AVIS. We rely on our deep industry knowledge and our global network of highly qualified practitioners across a wide array of disciplines. Combining our individual track records in traditional data management with today's advanced analytics creates a powerful offering.