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Africa's premier integrated e-Health marketplace

Africa's premier integrated e-Health marketplace

Wazima is eHealth for Sub-Saharan Africa and is a primary-care marketplace service which gives Africa access to telemedicine (qualified medical practitioners), self-care products, services & tools with which to better manage their health and medical conditions. Only about 15% of the people who live in Africa can afford the very best health care or even to travel somewhere else in the world. Wazima eHealth is for the underserved 85% of the 1 billion Africans who pay out of pocket. Our dynamic web platform offers: *Self-care for those with chronic health conditions like diabetes, hypertension, asthma, cancer etc * Pregnancy Support AI tools * Fertility Support * Health Insurance * Strong international Clinician hub for collaboration. We have launched in Nigeria and the United Kingdom

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Elizabeth Adeshina

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Founder/CEO of Wazima, a Self-care and tele-health platform. Strong entrepreneurial track record in healthcare & pharma in the UK & Sub-Saharan Africa.
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