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Funding Insurtech Entrepreneurs

Funding Insurtech Entrepreneurs

Insure.VC is the first AngelList syndicate focused exclusively on emerging opportunities related to the insurance industry. We're an Angel Fund providing domain expertise, industry connections, and capital to smart and ambitious entrepreneurs who are passionate about driving change in the massive industry that is ripe for disruption.

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Matthew Newcomb

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VP, Strategy & Finance @chimebank, Principal @Insure.VC @ Flight.vc, Co-Founder @DigiPuppets, VP @BlackRock, Biz Dev @RedOwl Analytics, @Wharton School & @Brown alum
5 $1B + announced exits Investor: Ripple, Brave, Polychain, Paypal, Filecoin, Civic, Linkedin, Cruise, Dollar Shave Club Wealthfront, Discord, Fastly

Shad McKnight

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Partner, Insure.VC Passionate about driving innovation in the insurance space

Chad Nitschke

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Entrepreneur @Bunker Insurtech, fintech, and early stage investor in companies like @newfront-insurance , @Vouch Insurance, @Kin Insurance, and others