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Compare rates. Save Time. Get the best prices

Compare rates. Save Time. Get the best prices

At Insurdinary (insurdinary.ca), our initiative is to continuously develop in-depth resources to help consumers make smarter financial decisions. Our team is made up of determined, driven and focused individuals. Many of which, who spend their time sourcing information such as news, guides and product overviews. Together with our talented engineers who devote their efforts in developing the most up to date calculators, quoters and applications - we are providing clarity in the confusing world of finance. We are proud to say that we have helped thousands of Canadians make informed financial decisions. Whether it be finding life, auto, home, health, travel insurance, applying for the right credit cards or comparing mortgage rates. All financial resources in one place, Insurdinary.

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Co-Founder, CEO & President - Insurdinary

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