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Lenny Rachitsky

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Product @ Airbnb Previously: Co-Founder/CEO of @Localmind, Head of R&D @ Webmetrics, Sr. Engineering Manager, TEDx speaker, and all around nice guy.

Mike Lewis

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Full stack data. All aspects of infra, modeling and application. Added $1Bn+ to Airbnb's market cap. Holistic, business-level strategist and executioner.

Peter Derby

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Started several entities in challenging conditions and succeeded in growing them.

Geoff Ralston

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Partner at @Imagine K12. Partner at @ycombinator. Former CEO of music startup @Lala (acquired by @Apple); Former Chief Product Officer at @Yahoo

K5 Ventures

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Seed investment fund focused on investments in the US and mostly California

500 Startups

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500 Startups is a global venture capital firm headquartered in San Francisco.

Ray Chan

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Managing Director @K5 Ventures , @Tech Coast Angels , Venture Partner @Tech Coast Angels ACE Fund, active investor.

Arun Vijayvergiya

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I love building things. Creator of the first Facebook Timeline. Also On this day, Year in Review, friendship pages. Now hacking on more memories.

Matt Krisiloff

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Director at @ycombinator Research
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