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Senior Backend Engineer Specialist

$120k – $160k • 0.05% – 0.2%
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Instrumental is looking for an experienced back-end JVM lead developer that wants to build impactful product functionality for our core application. We make intelligent, data-driven tools to help companies identify issues on their assembly lines so they can ship higher quality products faster. We are working to improve the manufacturing of millions of things each day.

While we do not ask for familiarity with all of the following, our stack includes a number of web services written in Scala / Play, AWS hosting, a Python machine learning cluster, and TypeScript on our front-end. Instrumental Engineering values good tools, robust tests, and frequent deploys.

We’re a small but mighty team that consistently works collaboratively, are supportive of each other, and are all highly energized by the opportunity for such a large impact. We actively work to promote an inclusive environment.

Are we right for you? We want to add this type of person to our team:
- A backend and distributed systems engineering lead with professional experience in writing and maintaining stable production quality code
- Someone curious and brave enough to roll the sleeves and spelunk through transitive dependency source code while sniffing out a bug (or just for funsies)
- Someone who can disagree without being disagreeable -- opinionated but not dogmatic
- Someone motivated by solving big problems in an analog industry at an early-stage environment

Does this role fit your skills? If these blurbs sound like you we want to talk!
- JVM. It only takes you a little google-fu to comfortably analyze heap dumps, profile a running server, discuss the various memory pools and what they are used for. You know that PermGen is not a hairstyle. You are comfy with the Java standard library, but don't love its use of null.
- Functional programming. You have have some experience (academic or professional) with strongly typed functional languages like Scala, Haskell, F#, OCaml. Experience with Scala is a huge plus!
- SQL databases. Things are right in the world whether you're optimizing queries, adding new indices, or planning a zero-downtime migration. Maybe you've sharded a database before or added replicas.
- Security: You're hand-wavily familiar with the OWASP Top 10, and know basic things about securing a website from SQL injection attacks, XSS, CSRF, 🎶 ABC, easy as 123, simple as do re mi, ABC, 123 baby you and me 🎶
- Icing on top: You have some experience with cloud-based hosting like AWS or GCP, and you've provisioned those resources using terraform or another infrastructure-as-code tool. You've poked at ElasticSearch before and it poked back.

What you’ll do and how you’ll do it:
- Solve problems, whether refactoring or feature building, through clean and concise code.
- Take product specifications through the prototyping phase to production-ready solutions
- Communicate progress in the development cycle from sprint planning to daily stand-ups to retrospectives
- Write tests to ensure a quality build for our end users

What success looks like in this role:
- Leading an endeavor to improve customer experience, fatten our data pipeline, expose new APIs, or scale our infrastructure
- Growing as an engineer by both learning from others and becoming somebody that people go to for technical help
- Contributing to the design, development, and implementation of features

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