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Full-stack platform for 1+ million MSMEs



Rajat Goel

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Strong Growth marketing individual with exceptional skills in Digital Marketing, SEO, Analytics etc. Have worked at early stage startups since inception

Vipin SJ

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Startup enthusiast!

Shreyas Sundaresh

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Worked at Instamojo. Experience with Analytics, Consulting, Coaching

Lahari Sb

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I am currently working with Instamojo as a Senior Risk and Compliance officer.

Garry John Brewer

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Head of Customer Success and Inside sales

Mohamed Ansari

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Jayanand J

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I am an experienced enterprise salesman and marketing professional with 2 years of experience working with startups focused in the B2B industry

Jovial Chakma

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Actively looking out for new and interesting challenges to embrace.

Abhinav Mittal

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Frontend Lead @Instamojo. Founder & CTO @Travel Jar • Studied at @Vellore Institute of Technology

Sankar Rao Amburkar

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Building products for MSME in Instamojo, built business software products in Ola, CommonFloor and Oracle

Animesh Kumar Singh

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I am a Bangalore based brand identiy designer , Photographer and Publication Designer creating effectice visual identities.

Vinay S

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Marketing Professional with 9 years of experience in building brands in BFSI & ECommerce sector

Ruchita Lodha

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RVCE, CS'16, (Current) UI developer at Instamojo, (Past) Full Stack Developer at ZopNow

Rahul Parida

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Worked at Instamojo, Lufut, Flipkart. Experience with Python, Java, Android, Full-Stack Development, MySQL & NoSQL systems.
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Board members and advisors

Akash Gehani

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Co-Founder @Instamojo Likes to shake things up.

Sampad Swain

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Founder & CEO @Instamojo. Angel investor.

Karthik Reddy

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A platform that sources, funds, nurtures and creates value for India's bright young companies – making them blume

Former team

Manik Singla

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Guru Prasant

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Shishir Bondre

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Atulya Kaushik

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Maria Martin

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