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Nils Samjeske

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Niklas Schumacher

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Sales Manager at InStaff & Jobs

Federica Magni

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- Contact person for future employees in the telephone onboarding process, in particular on the topics of labour law, and temporary employment

Alexander Tizik

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Arber Shuleta

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Lucia Kuhn

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Working Student at Community Management/Contract Management at InStaff & Jobs

Viacheslav Kudryakov

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Currently studying Cultural Theory and History (BA) at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. Working student in Sales at InStaff & Jobs GmbH.

Stella Ghalayini

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Worked at InStaff & Jobs, InStaff&Jobs. Went to Universität Potsdam

Jennifer Meller

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Nastasia Böke

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Laura Naemi Richert

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Monika Mrowka

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Felix Ruß

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Anna-Marie Bengelsdorf

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Daria Stanchuk

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Currently studying East European Studies (Master) at Freie Universität Berlin. Working Student in Sales at Instaff&Jobs GmbH.
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Bilal Güzel

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Elena Meshkova

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Jessie Wamara

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Maria Boxberger

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Fabian Shallari

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Michell Lopez Hurtado

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