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Groceries delivered in as fast as an hour.



Brandon Leonardo

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Founder @Instacart. Early @AngelList engineer. Hack of all trades, master of awesome.

Apoorva Mehta

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CEO @ Instacart Previously @ @Amazon, RIM & Qualcomm, UWaterloo Engineering Grad


Ami Huggett

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Colleen Finnegan

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Eunice (E) Choi

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I'm a former teacher who found a new passion in tech office world.

Maksim Golivkin

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Engineering manager at @Instacart (ex @Uber and @kiva-systems), investing in companies via AngelList and directly

Kelsey Glass

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Jonathan Hsieh

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James Jalandoni

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Senior Software Engineer, successful technical leader at various stage start ups

Caleb Grisell

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Emory BA: Economics & Computer Informatics

Jack Dempsey

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Tech Lead Manager @ Instacart, Chief Technical Advisor SEEN, Founder/CTO @ Anthemwares; loves working with amazing people and helps where he can.

Udi Nir

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Entrepreneur focusing on building teams and companies from the grounds up and transitioning organizations through major life-cycle events such as M&A and IPO.

Ashu Khaitan

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Arpit Shah

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Arnaud Ferreri

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Director of Engineering at Instacart
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Board members and advisors

Founder @Orion Labs , @Chef , VelocityConf. Partner @Heavybit. Early investor @Fastly @PagerDuty @Instacart & more. ex @Amazon

Jeff Jordan

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Venture Capitalist at @Andreessen Horowitz.
Founder of Background Capital Previously: General Partner at CRV, before that I was the founding CEO of @LearnBoost (acq. WordPress)
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Former team

Zain Ali

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Rahil Sondhi

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Ed Carrel

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Quentin Rousseau

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Heather Wake

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Will Nichols

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