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Natural language search for Machine Data



Jacob Perkins

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CTO at Insight Engines, author of Python Text Processing with NLTK Cookbook

Grant Wernick

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CEO of Insight Engines. Experienced product focused leader with over 15yrs of experience building amazing teams to create cutting edge natural language tech.


Riece Keck

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Current: Insight Engines -- Previous: CreativeLive, Enterprise Holdings

Gururaj Singh

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Victor Clark

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Security @Insight Engines Georgia Institute of Technology

Navin Kumar

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@Insight Engines. Former Lead Eng. @Mpact. Founder and Geek. Former CTO of @Socialwok, former Venture Hacker @AngelList

Board members and advisors

Freelance Creative Director. I'm the rare mix of great creative chops and an ability to understand business strategy.
Focused on discovery-enabling platforms • Built @Netflix API (100s of devices at 1000s of reqs/s) • Formerly CTO @Bonobos, Product Unit Manager @Microsoft
Founder of @AngelList and @Venture Hacks · Investor in @Uber · Advisor to @Dropbox
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Former team

Alex Staub

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Hunter Johnson

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Drew Wahl

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