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Robotic Vision for Autonomous Drones and Self Driving Cars

Robotic Vision for Autonomous Drones and Self Driving Cars

Sooner than you think, you will have a robot actively involved in your daily life. It may be a personal robot, but more likely it will be your car, or a security drone or delivery vehicle. These devices will not be operator controlled, they will be autonomous, and need vision.

They need a small, light weight, low power unit with no moving parts. We have such a unit. We have the the next generation of robotic vision systems. Our techniques are proprietary. We will have the patents to protect our IP.

We have pushed ultrasonic technology to the point where it looks like radar. We provide full XYZ coordinates for multiple objects. We also determine density characteristics about each object’s surface. For autonomous vehicles, this means telling the difference between a 2 meter bush that a tractor can plow through versus a 2 meter boulder that should be avoided. We can see a wounded soldier laying on the ground versus a log.

The 2014 ultrasonic sensor WW market is $20b excluding defense.

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