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B2B SaaS contract management platform based on Blockchain and AI

B2B SaaS contract management platform based on Blockchain and AI

INHUBBER is a B2B SaaS contract lifecycle management platform enabling full control over the performance-based contracts. INHUBBER contracts are created based on the business-process-oriented approach. Embedding of formal business process description directly into the body of a contract makes it self-executable. It allows contracts to observe the real process state and to implement the contract conditions. As a result, INHUBBER boosts the trackability of the contract state and compliance with the in-house and outer processes. This is accomplished by putting business process owners in charge of modeling and managing contracts, using their business process perspective. Other stakeholders from each contracting party can be involved in the creation, negotiation and controlling.

Senior Backend Developer w. Data Engineering skills

Head of Frontend Systems

Milan Panara

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Data Scientist with experience in Machine Learning, Python, scikit-learn, Tensorflow, Keras, H2O etc using Agile methodologies and complex data structure.

Elena Mechik

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Andre Sokolov

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lastly worked @ 1&1 Telecomunications AG, co-founded @INHUBBER UG