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LinkedIn Messenger with CRM capabilities

Web designer

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Web designer in the early-stage SalesTech Startup

Do you want to be a #1 Web Designer in an early-stage startup? Do you want to redefine the way business leaders message each other? Do you like to improve communication for tens of thousands of LinkedIn users? Do you like to help tens of thousands of B2B leaders to increase their sales?

Inguro - The #1 LinkedIn Messenger & CRM!

In the last 8 months in a team of 3 people, we built and launched an MVP. We’ve achieved the product-market fit with 0 marketing costs. Currently, we’ve 50+ customers and 750+ prospects on the waiting list. This success is based on our experience running a Linkedin Growth Hacking Agency - TechSalesBox. Over the last 3 years, we’ve helped 41 customers to generate a 20M $USD in sales.

OUR CUSTOMERS are Growth Hackers, Marketers, Sales professionals, LinkedIn recruiters, and high-level decision-makers.


  1. Help to create win-win opportunities (more money)
  2. maintain better long-term professional relationships (establish trust and empathy)
  3. Help to reach more understanding (more meaning)

NEXT MILESTONES is for us to grow to 300 active paying users by the end of 2020. By 2022 we’ll acquire 50k users and reach $30M in annual revenue. By the end of 2025 in ideal scenario, weÄll have 1M users and $600M in annual revenue.

OUR VISION vision is to become the biggest B2B messenger worldwide.

TOP 5 PROBLEMS we solve:

  1. On LinkedIn Messenger, there is a lack of basic functionality you are familiar with from Gmail and any CRM. It's hard to keep track of the quantity and quality of leads. That's why salespeople forget to follow up and miss closing ⅓ of their sales deals.
  2. It takes a lot of time to keep track of 3 separate LinkedIn inboxes: “Normal Inbox”, “Recruiter Inbox” and “Sales Navigator Inbox”.
  3. There is no secure way of sharing access to your LinkedIn inbox with virtual assistants.
  4. It’s complicated to keep a granular segmentation of your contacts.
  5. Current tools allow limited capability to synchronize your LinkedIn inbox to CRM.

OUR SOLUTION we replace the 18-year-old LinkedIn messenger. We eliminate the pain of flooded, cluttered, chaotic, not-organized, not-transparent LinkedIn Inboxes. We enable our users to:

  1. eliminate the LinkedIn Inbox mess, reduce stress, and have peace of mind.
  2. set up Follow-up and reminders to secure create more sales opportunities
  3. saves time and shares access to LinkedIn accounts with a virtual assistant.
  4. filter, sort, categorize, and analyze leads to get insights and improve campaigns.
  5. integrate with LinkedIn inbox fully and automatically with CRM



  • LinkedIn is undoubtedly the #1 acquisition channel for hiring and B2B sales.
  • LinkedIn has 690M users and ~10% of them are in decision-making positions. 40% of all users use it daily (source: LinkedIn)
  • An estimated 500K-1M of users leverage some type of LinkedIn automation (our estimation).
  • LinkedIn automation users receive 10 to 50 new incoming LinkedIn messages and spend 0.5h to 3h responding to them daily.
  • About 37% of users pay for premium LinkedIn subscription (from $29.99 to $119.95 per month)
  • Our early adopters: 500k Growth Hackers & Sales Agencies (heavy users of LinkedIn automation). Later: 10M sales professionals and 10M recruiters


  • You like to join a part-time team member
  • You understand that building something meaningful requires Long-Term-Commitment
  • You like joining an early-stage startup and bring the discipline working in a small remote team.
  • You like taking responsibility and developing a fast-growing product that helps directly thousands of users.
  • You are committed and goal-oriented. You know how you like to work and how you don’t like to work.
  • You DON’T want to “check us out” or “hang out” in fancy startup offices.


  • You dream of being an early contributor to a successful fast-growing tech startup.
  • You have a good level of verbal and written English.
  • 3+ years with Web design
  • You’re great at what you do. This means you continuously stove to improve yourself! This includes improving your soft skills like communication skills, code quality. looking for best practices of great architecture design and writing understandable documentation.
  • You are accountable & reliable. This means you can establish reasonable estimations and meet deadlines
  • You’re a quick thinker, complex problem solver, and highly organized person.


  • You are a regular meditator for over 1 year.
  • It is a plus if you speak at least one more language besides English. Ideally, you have lived abroad for over 6 months.

We run our company as an idea meritocracy - a culture where meaningful relationships and work is the priority. It’s a system where each team member continuously improves and the best ideas win. If you like to learn more about it, we recommend you watch a 15-minute TED talk from Ray Dalio.


  1. Understand first - always seek to actively listen and understand before telling.
  2. Seek and provide feedback - it’s difficult to see oneself objectively. That’s why you need to constantly request and provide honest feedback.
  3. Always improve - we don’t take easy paths, we take the right paths. Seek to prioritize the team's growth (long-term thinking) over personal comfort (short-term thinking).
  4. Open-mindedness and transparency - are invaluable for rapid learning and effective change.
  5. Contribution - Always add value. Give before you take.

Please take 7 minutes to fill out our hiring questionnaire. It will help us to save time and gather relevant information before our introduction call.

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LinkedIn Messenger with CRM capabilities

Inguro focuses on SaaS, Enterprise Software, Information Technology, Lead Generation, and Sales and Marketing. Their company has offices in Prague. They have a small team that's between 1-10 employees.

You can view their website at http://www.inguro.com

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