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LinkedIn Messenger with CRM capabilities

LinkedIn Messenger with CRM capabilities

We are bootstrapped and developed successfully a cloud CRM solution for better managing LinkedIn Inbox. We currently are in a closed beta with dozens of handpicked customers and have a huge demand for our product (pipeline of over 300 customers waiting for it). We urgently look for more developers as we are growing fast. ABOUT THE CUSTOMER PROBLEM WE ARE SOLVING How many sales deals do you lose because you forget to answer on time via LinkedIn? Alex, IT consultant, has over 3000 LinkedIn conversations. He forgot to follow up with a lead and lost 135K worth of business opportunities in 2019. 1. Eliminate LinkedIn Inbox mess and uncertainty 2. Secure more sales deals 3. Follow up with your leads on time What are the benefits of our tool? 1. Have the total clarity on the quantity and quality of leads in your LinkedIn inbox. 2. Increase your closing rate by up to 30% through nurturing and genuine personalized conversations. 3. Save up to 90 minutes per day 4. Securely share access to multiple LinkedIn accounts 5. Filter spam from leads

Full-Stack Developer /Team-Lead for a LinkedIn Growth Hacking Startup

Senior Developer for a LinkedIn Scraping and Crawling Project

Full Stack Engineer ReactJS & NodeJS to be on the Founding Team

CTO/ Head of Software Development - LinkedIn CRM SaaS startup

LinkedIn /Instagram/ Facebook Scraping and Crawling Specialist

UX / UI / Interaction Designer for a SaaS startup

Web designer

Senior Front End Engineer ReactJS to be on the Founding Team

Senior Backend Engineer NodeJS to be on the Founding Team

Founder of 3 tech startups. Worked in Germany, Switzerland, and Ireland for Credit Suisse, PwC, Dell and IBM. Holding a master's degree in computer science.