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Do you love simplicity? (hint: we do!)
If you do, come and say hi! You may be the team member we are looking for to help us make the world (or at least the world of technical operations) simple, smart and fun.
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Software Engineer

Senior Frontend Developer

Posted 1 month ago

At Infraspeak, we have developed a great product, serving hundreds of clients who rely on our software to streamline their own business. We know our impact on our clients life/business is huge, so we really look into the quality of the software we develop. The software has grown and became a...

Software Engineer

Senior Backend Developer

Posted 1 month ago

We are looking for a backend developer, who would love to deliver elegant and intuitive web solutions for enterprise applications. You will be a member of our agile team tasked with developing new features as well as maintaining and supporting the existing ones within our current and future...