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visually enhancing blood vessels for optimal healthcare

visually enhancing blood vessels for optimal healthcare

Venous puncturing is one of the most widely used techniques in the medical field for blood drawing, or access to deliver fluids. Often for trauma patients bruises, burns and other physical conditions make it difficult to locate veins. Veins are also hard to locate in collapsed patients, children, elderly, obese or dehydrated patients, or those with abnormal anatomical vascular system. Such cases may result in multiple punctures trying to locate a useful vein, leading to lost time in administering a life saving drug.

Veinus is a unique, portable, noninvasive, vein detection device to visually assist in finding best b\blood vessels with no risks or side effects. It shows exact veins beneath the skin in realtime, for use by healthcare professionals (including non-expert nurses) to deliver timely care. It delivers improved productivity, lower costs, lower trauma, better standard of care and happier customers. With Veinus, there is no loss of time or agony. Time saved – is a life saved.

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