Aswini Bajji

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Sony Sharma

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Vanessa Marino

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Manav Singal

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Mate Radalj

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Swapnil Rayjada

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Avikal Awasthi

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hadoop developer/ Data Analyst working in infosys. Implemented Smart energy services data lake platform
Bigdata Development

Balakumaran M

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System Engineer Trainee at Infosys

Jeevanantham Palanisamy

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Technology Analyst at Infosys

digambar kumar

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Systems Engineer at Infosys

Poorna M

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Technical Team Lead at Infosys

Kushal Arya

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Adaptable Marketing Data Analyst skilled in recording, interpreting and analyzing data in a fast-paced environment.

Juhi Jain

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Sukanya Gupta

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Board members and advisors

Former team

Krati Chaturvedi

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Satya G

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Arnab Bhadra

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vishwas samanth

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Madhuresh Anur

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Prateek Tyagi

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