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Increase your ROI with Micro-Influencers & Re-Targeting

Increase your ROI with Micro-Influencers & Re-Targeting

Founded in 2017, INFLURY is generating brand awareness, growth and sales for their clients across the globe with more than 2 million Micro-Influencers.

INFLURY is the first to approach Influencer marketing programmatically. Programmatic Influencer Marketing combines the authenticity and specialisation of ‘Micro-Influencers”, with macro scaling methods. The software connects suitable Influencers, with campaigns automatically, using data-driven software to find and handle the best online personalities for every campaign.

Our software is able to specifically choose accounts on social media that fit a brands target market. Our clients provide specifications as to what the posts should look like, providing their own examples or choosing from some of our templates. INFLURY will then handle the entire campaign process for our clients, making sure they can focus on key business goals.

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Founder @influr-1 Increasing the Brand Awareness and Return-On-Invest of brands worldwide with automated Influencer Marketing & Re-Targeting. Get in touch today

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