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Senior React (& Rails) Developer

$120k – $160k • 0.3% – 0.5%
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Influence.co started 3 years ago and has grown to over 150,000 members in that time, becoming the largest online community for the influencer marketing industry. Earlier this year we closed a $3M seed round, and since then we’ve been looking to level up our team, our process, and our tech stack. We are a Rails 5 app that heavily leverages Bootstrap, and we are looking to start a migration to React. Rather than undertaking a full rewrite, the idea is that large new features will be built in React and supplant the Rails front end technology over time.

The current engineering team consists of two people: a co-founding CTO who lives in Colorado and wrote almost every line of code until May of this year, and a senior developer who lives in Oregon and has been leveling up our game consistently since he started in May. Neither of us have React experience, but we believe having it as a core piece of our stack is important for our continued success. We are looking for a senior React developer with extensive Rails experience to join our team and show us the path forward. Extensive experience with React, Rails, and using the former inside the latter is the #1 requirement.

Influence.co is a 100% remote work company. We have learned that working remotely is not a situation that everyone actually enjoys or, frankly, is good at despite their best intentions. It takes incredible discipline, self-structure, communication skills and a remote work environment that is conducive to startup-level work hours. We use video chat heavily throughout the day for scheduled meetings and for quick questions, so we expect you to work from a home office or a coworking space vs. a coffee shop. A proven track record of being a remote employee on a small, tight-knit engineering team is the #2 requirement.

Going one step out from the Engineering team, the Product team additionally consists of a senior UX designer, and our co-founding CEO who provides direction on the strategic direction of the product. You will work closely with these other team members during the requirements gathering, design, and final review stages of product design. We don’t just want someone who we tell what to do. We want this person to be an active member of discussions at the product level while we are flushing out details. Having a proven track record of this kind of interaction is the #3 requirement.

- Extensive experience with Rails & React
- Have a successful history of remote work
- Have a track record of being involved in product design discussions
- Be able to legally work in US
- Are located in a contiguous-US timezone

Our tech stack
- Frameworks: Rails v5, Bootstrap, Mongoid v6, Sidekiq, rspec, cucumber
- Datastores: MongoDB, Elasticsearch, Redis
- Dev ops: Github, Codeship, Capistrano, Unicorn, nginx, Google Cloud Platform