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Hi there. I'm James. Founder of Inflayt Marketing, a fully remote marketing agency serving clients on 3 continents.

We're starting up a new wing of the business: overseas staffing. To help us carry forward this initiative, I'm looking for a determined sales leader to take our solution to the masses.

It's our goal to help US companies augment their existing staff with talented backend support from full-time workers in India. We strongly believe in the inevitability of globalization, and that people all over the world should be able to enjoy the benefits of cross-border relationships.

Our services provide American small business owners with the luxury of growing their teams at costs that help them maintain their margins and stay competitive.

About you:

We're looking for someone who can take this idea to as many small business owners as possible, strike up a conversation, and persuade these organizations to give our services a try. Therefore, you must have a passion for talking to people. You should have a clear understanding of what a small business owner desires, as well as their challenges.

You should also understand how to find and make contact with the right buyers.

Outside of these simple requirements, there is not much more to say. If you are determined to succeed in selling this exciting solution, everyone will win!


We have worked out a compensation package that amounts to 30% of net profit from sales you generate, plus yearly bonuses based on performance.

The company generates profits when your accounts hire and retain staff members through our services. You generate income during the first month of that staff's placement and every month that they remain employed.

For perspective, once your clients have retained a collective total of 100 staff members through our services, your monthly commissions will be $15,274. Roughly $183,000 per year.


We're looking for a candidate who can demonstrate their ability to this sales goal as quickly as possible. And we believe you can!

Apply now and let's open up a discussion about growing this business together. Message me on Angel List or send an email to james@inflayt.com

Thanks and Regards,
James Milliron
Founder - Inflayt Marketing

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