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Infinity is a forthcoming startup that believes in creating a paperless future. We are driven by a passion to create great and innovative products for everyone.Infinity lives by fun, innovation, honesty and art.
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Other Engineering

Display Engineer

Posted 5 months ago
  • Lead the display roadmap and vendor selections for our next gen systems.
  • Define the display module specs for our projects.
Other Engineering

Hardware Engineer

Posted 5 months ago
  • Generate specifications for new designs.
  • Develop the hardware from scratch to mass production
Software Engineer

Software Developer

Posted 5 months ago
  • Deep and current understanding of the Linux programming language
  • Develop robust and reliable operating system and firmware for new hardware
Software Engineer

Blockchain Developer

Posted 4 months ago
  • Architect and design blockchain smart-contracts and applications
  • Develop blockchain applications for Hyperledger Fabric using GoLang