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AI for Customer Lifecycle Management

AI for Customer Lifecycle Management

Infinite Analytics' provides social analytics-as-a-service.It's Predictive Analytics platform is the most advanced personalization platform. It utilizes a mix of Social Data, NLP, Machine Learning, Semantic Technologies and Predictive Analytics to personalize a user's experience, increasing consumer engagement leading to higher revenues. By creating a 360 degree view of a user, they are able to predict a user's offline behavior using online data - a customer segment of 1. Their recommendation engine uses this as a basis to provide the most relevant recommendations to the user. Infinite Analytics also provides clients with insights on their consumers to help them tailor their marketing campaigns and products to specific segments. It has a super team from MIT with over 20 years in e-commerce and technology, with super advisors in Sir Tim Berners-Lee - the inventor of the World Wide Web, Deb Roy - Chief Media Scientist at Twitter and Erik Brynjolfsson, guru of Big Data Analytics.

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founder @Infinite Analytics • Worked at @oracle-corporation, @PeopleSoft • Studied @Massachusetts Institute of Technology,@University of Cincinnati