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Augmented Reality Platform for Memorialization and Rememberance

Augmented Reality Platform for Memorialization and Rememberance

Infinial is a platform for creating stunning augmented reality memorials that can be experienced at a geolocation, or privately in the home. We enable families and communities to celebrate loved one's lives with media-rich customizable experiences that are affordable, sustainable, and beautiful. Contributors are invited to share memories through photos, video, audio, and testimonials that can be experienced while moving around a physical space. The average cost of a traditional burial in the U.S. is $8000. For many this is unaffordable, but cultural attitudes about burial are changing. In 2017 for the first time in U.S. history, cremation surpassed burial as the most chosen funerary practice. None of the memorialization platforms available today offer mixed reality experiences. Infinial is ad-free, and data mining-free. Our highly customizable viewing experiences honor privacy, and enable the community-in-mourning to connect as a network of support.

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Cora Foxx

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Director Level Creative with 12 years experience in product UX/UI Design, visual content, and branding for consumer-facing and enterprise applications.