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Simple employee onboarding and training (500 Startups, Startmate)

Simple employee onboarding and training (500 Startups, Startmate)

New employee onboarding costs business $320 billion each year!


Because a staggering 27% of employees leave within their first year and this jumps to an incredible 47% in retail! That means, each year, between one quarter and one half of your workforce will be replaced and retrained. That’s a huge problem. And one that's not being adequately addressed today.

But Inductly solves this

Inductly takes your onboarding material and makes it available to employees in a simple and intuitive way.

But don’t onboarding solutions already exist?

Yes with one important difference … they DON’T work.

Onboarding solutions today work in the same way that mobile phones 10 years ago worked. Sure they let you make calls but they were a struggle to use.

Enter the iPhone.

It made technology get out of the way. And that’s exactly what we’ve done with Inductly.

That’s also why our largest client dedicated $100 million to SuccessFactors but still choose Inductly as their onboarding solution!

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Founder at Opticode. Strong software team management, system design, maths / algorithms and programming #500Strong

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