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Sales Representative for One of a Kind Health Product

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We are looking for hardworking individuals who are not only interested in selling our product, but want to potentially help people with health issues. We sell a new vegetable powder that is made up of broccoli and radish and that's it. No fillers, no preservatives, etc, Certified Organic, live enzymes, and of course, supercharged with sulforaphane.

We work off the notion, “You don’t build a business. You build people.” FREE mentoring available. I have grown several businesses and know the ins and outs to be able to help you. I want you to be able to grow and be successful with this product. Once we are comfortable with working together, I have no problem sending over leads.

We are not only building a sales team, but trying to make an impact globally to get proper health and nutrition to as many people as possible. We have shipped the vegetable powder to as far as Africa.

The target market is endless because we have reports/reviews of our product helping many people with various conditions, as well as dogs and cats. We want people to be able to educate and inform on the benefits of sulforaphane and have a passion to want to help people that may have various chronic conditions, high blood pressure, diabetes, weight loss issues, addiction, cancer, kidney and liver issues, hair loss, high blood pressure, seizures, and so on. We also want to let health professionals know that this exists so they can offer it to their patients. I am passionate about the product because it has helped my husband and I significantly, so I would like others to share that passion.

There is a TON of research on the benefits of sulforaphane, please take a look. Currently, there is not a product like this that is "living", organic, etc. We currently work with chiropractors, doctors, veterinarians, oncology specialists, the vegan community, and individuals who are looking to feel better using a natural approach.

You have an option to dropship or wholesale the product (and so will your customers), and can white label if you want. We don't care as long as it is getting out there and helping people. If you want, you can simply work under our current brand. Whatever works for you.

Of course, like with any health product, we can't make actual claims that it cures for legal reasons, and can only share what others have said and experienced. We also have had tests done showing the nutritional value and such.

How you sell it is completely up to you (calling, sending emails, events, etc) and we can provide information to you and assist however you need (if you need an email address, content, whatever it is, please ask!) If you have an amazon store, by all means please post it. It is NOT on Amazon yet.
The product sells from anywhere between $80-$120 per ounce (one ounce is about 21 teaspoons). You would get the wholesale price, which we will discuss as we move forward.

Contact us if you are interested in hearing additional details, thanks!

Stephanie M. Clarke
(404) 630 -6107

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Perfect for the self-determined health and nutrition lover

Indoor Organic Garden of Poughkeepsie focuses on Health and Wellness, Organic Food, and Nutrition. Their company has offices in Poughkeepsie. They have a small team that's between 11-50 employees.

You can view their website at http://indoororganicgp.org

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