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Building world's product team

Building world's product team

Indiez helps businesses build digital products that make them win!

Combining the best of IT agencies and freelancers we build software like that of a silicon valley company.

We've helped brands like Domino's, Uber, Mckinsey, Aditya Birla Group delight their customers and increase business by using the power of technology. Products built via our network are being used by millions of users and have impacted many lives.

Our unique model enables the best talent to freelance. They love it as they get the ability to work anywhere with time flexibility. #futureowork. This is our secret sauce to build high-quality products.

Our clients get high-quality products delivered at a lightning speed and at very affordable rates.

We want the world to innovate faster by enabling every business to work with the best software teams and build kick-ass products.
Founder and CEO, Indiez. Building the future of work. Co-founded, IREF. Core team member, Housing.com. Ola's first employee. IITB 2012 Grad

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