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Bringing DevOps to the No-code movement

Bringing DevOps to the No-code movement

Everyone is talking about no-code software these days. There are thousands of applications helping the business user BUILD software or integrate technology into a tech stack. Automaton is first to market with a solution to help the business users RUN and manage their tech stacks. While we've got a solution that serves any market, we've focused on the Marketing and Sales Tech stack (the largest market segment served least by IT and Engineering) first. We were a TechStars Seattle 2019 company, and have other great investors. We've been featured in GeekWire, PitchBook and Microsoft for Startups. Because of these big customer wins, we are currently on a trajectory like Zapier and MailChimp where we can build this massive category and not need additional funding.

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M.H. Lines

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CEO of Automaton - bringing DevOps to the no-code business user