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Accelerating Health Research with an AI-augmented SaaS platform



Professor at Universite Paris Descartes
    CEO @Inato • MSc from @Ecole Polytechnique & @Columbia University

    William Pambrun

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    Founder & CTO @Inato • ex Data Engineer at Artefact • Graduated from @Telecom Paristech, @ Ecole Normale Supérieure de Cachan and @Hec Paris


    Jennifer Victoria Kamara

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    Experience in business development, marketing, people management i.e. hiring, firing, coaching, and healthcare i.e. research, strategy consulting, startups.

    Alexandre Behaghel

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    Gabin Marignier

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    Product Engineer @Inato We are hiring!

    Laure Retru-Chavastel

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    Full-Stack Software Engineer @Inato

    Hugo Saracino

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    Software Product Engineer at Inato

    Liz Beatty

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    Flore Denoix

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    2 years experience in Air Liquide Healthcare as BI & CRM analyst then joined Inato as Customer Success

    Julien Fouilhé

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    Product Engineer @Inato

    Jordan Van Walleghem

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    Bruno Vegreville

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    Product Engineer @ Inato

    Ségolène Philipon

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    HR & Talent Acquisition Specialist @Inato We are hiring!

    Alexandre Broudin

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    Product designer @Inato
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    Board members and advisors

    Co-founder & Partner @Fly Ventures • Product Manager @Google • Co-founder & CTO @Yieeha • Team lead development @Caldera • Computer Science @TUM, @Iitb , @Center for Digital Technology and Management

    Marie Brayer

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    Principal @ Serena Capital, investing in tech startups in Europe

    Former team

    Florent de Gantes

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