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Instant deals in real-time

Instant deals in real-time

ImWithBob has developed a useful smart phone application that caters primarily to the fast paced and impulsive social life of today’s college students, young professionals and everyday smart phone users.

Our mobile application provides users with instant daily deals for eateries, bars, shops, fitness, beauty salons and spas as well as guaranteed access to clubs and venues that may otherwise be difficult to obtain.

Unlike Groupon or Living Social, ImWithBob allows merchants to post “last minute” deals at any time. Any shop, eatery, beauty salon, spa, fitness studio, club, bar or other entertainment or hospitality business that wants to increase traffic immediately can quickly post instant deals in real time. These are instantly communicated to local users of the ImWithBob application.

Sales Manager / Business Development

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Strategist, Advisor, Business Architect, Entrepreneur, Angel Investor, Devil's Advocate and Family man.
Co-Founder of the mobile application ImWithBob