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UI Designer Role Job Description

Mind you, this opportunity is exclusively for a UI designer role.
This is not a UX or UI/UX designer role.

We expect you to create digital interfaces for the ImStrong suite of products, as 'skin and language'.
Yes, we do have Web pages, Web app & dashboard, many dedicated campaigns, Mobile/Tablet app, and other ideas in par with our times.

We are that platform with Booking fitness classes, Buying fitness packages, Online Live Streaming classes, lots of video content, and many profiles.

Sorry, we are not looking for that exotic designer, whose second nature is luxurious Dribbble designs, but that designer whose designs are functional and usable.

You can reach out to us if this defines you:

1. You don't create art when the job is to Design Usable Interfaces.
2. You understand 'UI is not the Experience', but it's a purposefully built path to experience the "Experience" with solid reason, facts, and sensibilities.
3. You can differentiate Sans and Serifs by the context of their use, you're not the person who says "Oh I love (only) blue". You'll use colors to the "just enough or a bit more?" limit.
4. You have never seen any of your designs as "Oh this is the perfect design!".
5. You have "Strong ideas, loosely held", which is important for the points 6&7 below.
6. You are ready to work with people who have "not that-bad an eye for details".
7. You can defend your design (without being stubborn about it!) while presenting the design to the team (because no one else will do that for you before it reaches the real world).
8. You value "Simple, Elegant, Intuitively interactive interfaces" which are not cramped so that your users won't die asphyxiated.
9. You're a Learner, not a Ph.D. in Design. When we say 'Learner', we mean it.
10. You may have earth-shattering design ideas (we are really glad), but you respect feasibilities of many kinds.

Okay, now this is what your responsibilities will be and what you will be accountable for:

1. Firstly, understand the product.
2. Understand the wireframes passed to you.
3. Design screens based on the wireframes, for a variety of screen sizes and platforms: for fully responsive web experiences and/or for mobile (touch-device) apps, content experiences.
4. Make them as a deliverable interactive prototype. (Adobe XD, Photoshop, Figma, Sketch, InVision or whatever you are comfortable with)
5. Iterate the designs after the internal team discussion.
6. Deliver the design assets to the developers, which should be very much accessible.
7. Always see and create your designs in-line with the brand's visual outlook - designs should have consistency. You should always have the ability to see the bigger picture.
8. Lastly, we are not expecting a design factory/machine, which doesn't care about the intentions and contexts of the design itself.

You will work directly with the product manager (currently the founders themselves), engineers, UX designers and the marketing team. So, you should have a keen knowledge of what is possible in modern Android, iOS, and web development and of design and interaction patterns and trends within each. Really good and practical knowledge of grids, typography, hierarchy and information flow is necessary for this role.

We are waiting to onboard you!

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