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Emotion Recognition using Webcams

Emotion Recognition using Webcams

IMRSV measures human reactions using standard webcams. IMRSV is generating revenue and has market validation of over $1M in contracts. Content is increasingly fragmented and people react differently. With IMRSV, creators can for the first time measure scalably and accurately how people respond – whether they look at products, watch movies or ads on their phone, tablet or TV. Businesses need a way to tell precisely how their customers react, in real time, incredibly cheaply, and at scale.

IMRSV is a TechStars alum and recently recruited the Co-Founder of Siri to their Board of Directors. Investors include Match.com CEO Sam Yagan, Dave McClure, Quotidian Ventures, Eniac Ventures among others. The team is led by an outstanding group of young startup and business executives along with PhD's in computer vision.

Stephen Moore

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Completed my PhD in computer vision at @University of Surrey, UK. Worked as a computer vision researcher at Tessera and Valeo Vision Systems.
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