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Improveo.org: *A platform to monetize clarity on complex topics. *

Essentially, it is a set of collaborative Q&A textbooks for all kinds of important overlapping topics: e.g. climate change, viruses, inequality, blockchain, taxes or urban planning.

Improveo users are to see their topics of interest broken down into relevant questions and concise answers. Improveo's unique advantage are

  • filters enabling you to get a quick insight or check facts before making a decision related to an important topic.
  • business model based on sponsorship. Content authors are paid for making topic content more clear and digestible. More information about the concept

At the moment, the platform has 4,500 registered users and more than a thousand of test questions, but it lacks excellent content on one important topic.

*Your task will be to rally support of expert writers or finding a strong, hard-working institution we could team up with. *

This a missing element we need to move on and resume development.

You should be a trustworthy, hard-working individual and resonate with our mission. In return we offer shares and salary to be agreed on.