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We are a startup on a mission to make the global food system more sustainable.



Kae Saechin

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Worked at @impossible-foods-1

Divya Dharma

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Finance, operations & investment professional with deep experience utilizing analytics to optimize capital allocation and enhance strategic business decisions.

Greg Damiani

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I’m an independent designer and illustrator specializing in Brand Design, Illustration, Branding and Art Direction.

Danielle Teodoro

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Worked at Impossible Foods

MacKenzie Persen

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High-energy business analyst; Professional partner relationship builder and manager

Kristyn Reed

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I have led Operations, developed training programs, scaled production, have developed and upheld KPIs for perfomance analysis, and more.

Amir Asghari

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Beth Fryksdale

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Inés RG

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Jessica Karr

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Founder Vitalist Superfood
Worked at Impossible Foods

Steve Larkin

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Impossible Foods Building the capabilities of the Sales Operations department using Salesforce.com, Blacksmith Forge trade promotion, Sales enablement tools

Michelle R. Washington

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Collaborating across cross-functional teams of an organization to help improve the daily processes for customer and client satisfaction.

Jessica Karr

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I’m a design-oriented and multi-disciplinary problem solver passionate about applying my technical background to drive development towards a sustainable future.

Danica Novakovic

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IT at Impossible Foods. Enterprise Software Aficionado.
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Former team

David Wesley Brandau

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Dominic Giangiobbe

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Blair Crichton

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Kevin Hong

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Rachel Purisima

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Bob Engel

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