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Technical Lead and Data Specialist

$20k – $30k • 1.0% – 1.5%
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Roles & Responsibilities:
• Design, develop, and maintain underlying data infrastructure for the entire platform.
• Build a scalable, reliable and high-performance data pipeline capable of ingesting hundreds of gigabytes of streaming data per hour from multiple sources in multiple formats.
• Own what you build– end- to- end automation, quality assurance, deployment and monitoring of your data services.
• Conceive, design and build solutions for advanced analytical and Machine Learning ( ML) applications.
• Build a leading-edge data processing engine for batch and stream-based processing and aggregations for reporting and advanced analytical use cases.
• Design and create APIs for efficient and scalable data retrieval and querying.

Skills required:
• Experienced in Apache Spark, Apache Hadoop, or other large- scale data processing frameworks and runtimes; Apache Beam and/or Apache Flink, and Apache Airflow a plus.
• Experienced with high- performance messaging technologies and patterns; Apache Kafka and related technologies a plus.
• Must know the working with databases of all types relational, analytical, columnary, document-oriented, graphics, and so on (MongoDB, Redis and Druid a plus).
• Skilled with machine learning algorithms and techniques, real-world ML application delivery experience a plus.
• Having experience in the development, testing, and deployment of public cloud infrastructures such as AWS, GCP or Azure.
• Expertise with Git source control and construction/maintenance Continuous integration and delivery pipelines; Jenkins experience a plus.
• Should have Agile / Scrum- inspired delivery methodology experience.

The role demands to work with-
• Product managers who will help to know our customers and partners so that you can provide solutions that meet their needs and desires.
• Engineering managers who will guide you to focus on what you love to deliver - great software; they will also be your coach and guide on this exciting stage of your career.
• Technical architects who play a hands-on role in helping you design, develop and operate with the best practices that the industry has to offer.
• Data scientists who rely on your data and serve expertise to find artificially intelligent ways to increase the value we offer our customers.

We Value:

• Entrepreneurial spirit: You are an insatiable doer and driver.
• Strong execution and organization Skills: You are self starter and self managed.
• Original Thinking - You always look for new ways to solve problems.
• Professionalism - You are high on ethics, disciplined in meeting commitments and
• Positivity - You are optimistic and influence people around you with this trait.

What you’ll get:

• Competitive salary with performance bonus.
• Active promotion of your professional career by letting you to events, hackathons, user groups etc. to hone your skills.
• Weekly time-slot where you are encouraged to spend the time to play around with new technology or self-learning.

Interview Process:

• We start with a 15-minute phone call (“from 10k feet away, does it make sense?”). Candidates then take a 2-hour take-home coding challenge followed by a 45-minute face to face interview. Finally, you’ll come onsite for a full day (that we pay you for) where you work with us on a project that could be a deliverable by the end of the day.

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