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First and foremost, our culture and company organisation allows us as team members to structure our days and lives however we want. As long as we are getting the work done and progressing as a company, we don't interfere with what hours you keep, or where you get your work done, or where you live. As long as you nail your tasks and add value, you can arrange you days and weeks however you want. It's extremely friendly for nomads and families alike.

Speaking of family, we are family owned and run, which means our most important stakeholders are our clients and our employees. We spend zero time and energy managing upwards to VCs, because we haven't taken their cash.

We have decades of experience in this industry, we are profitable and we have product-market fit. So we operate like a startup, with a flexible and lean team. But we have the stability that comes only with experience and a deep network in the real estate industry.

Our goal is to find the right people to help us eliminate some bottlenecks that are constraining the next stage of growth.
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Product Owner

Posted 6 months ago

Your role will be to blast through bottlenecks in product development and help to deliver the next huge leap in Immobel's growth.

We have technologists who build tools that are used by some of the world's biggest real estate brands.