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We immerse distributed teams into the same VR workplace to maximize productivity.

VP of Growth/Revenue

$35k – $90k • 0.1% – 2.0%
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We're a lean and fast­-moving Techstars startup (Chicago '17) founded by an incredible team of hackers and experts in machine learning, with a vision to empower everyone to maximize their productivity using Virtual Reality. Our goal is to immerse distributed teams into a virtual workplace to maximize productivity. Imagine a future where you can TELEPORT to any office on earth by putting on a pair of glasses! We are building that future (only 2-3 years away!).
This is by no means an easy problem to solve, but with the world's best team, we're excited to revolutionize the future of work!

We’re looking for a self-motivated, constantly-learning/growing startup-leader who not only knows how to effectively close deals with corporate customers from an early-stage startup perspective (ie., BDR, AE, VP of Sales, CSO/CBO/CEO, etc.), but proactively moves the needle forward by talking to users/teams, finds clever ways to leverage social media and other channels to drive revenue, takes an analytical approach to every facet of business-building with precision and speed, motivated by a burning passion to see our mission come to fruition via revenue traction.

We believe that innovation doesn't happen by accident and that there needs to be solid revenue traction for tech teams to proliferate long-term. We also believe that companies move backward (and ultimately die) unless the people running them are propelling it forward. Elite-execution is essential to building a unicorn company, and excellent leadership will help get us there.

If you believe the same, we should talk!

We're looking for someone who:
• is obsessed with the customer's psyche
• has a great eye for leveraging subtle/overlooked low-hanging fruit (effective opportunities)
• has a collaborative mindset, recognizing that most great outcomes are accomplished by teams, not individuals
• is extremely proactive, resourceful, and constantly learning
• is hungry to produce excellent work, has a love for productivity, and believes that 'good' is the enemy of 'great' (ie., OCD about typos)
• is emotionally intelligent, empathetic, & highly relational (necessary for culture-centric team-building, user-acquisition, and growth)

Must be very willing to be sacrificial with time and help co-workers. Our work-culture is very much like a warm family, not a cold office.

Required Qualifications:
• Led or helped lead a startup previously (must provide references)
• Strong expertise in YC methodologies around startup-building and racing toward product/market-fit
• Experience in: growth-hacking a follower-base WITHOUT paid ads, user/product iteration, KPI tracking, user-data-mining, closing B2B sales, leading teams, & hiring
• Can come up with an endless stream of creative, sensible, & effective ways to move the business forward on the fly
• Proactively take ownership and lead teams
• Effectively communicate and support your decisions
• Work under pressure and deliver results with multiple stakeholders
• Good written and communication skills (English)
• Proficiency in Excel
• Proficiency in the art of writing beautifully crafted emails

Bonus Points:
• Knows how to code programs that automate growth-hacking exploits
• Previously founded your own startup (must provide references)
• Experience with fundraising and sales

Please include:
• A link to your LinkedIn profile
• Startup-related references

NOTE: We do not work with freelancers, external recruiters, agencies, or development shops.

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