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Our Vision “ To make the positive difference in the lives of those around us.. ”

Associate Full Stack Web Developer

$3k – $3k
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➔Prior experience in Python or another object-oriented programming language
➔Experience building front-end web sites with HTML, CSS, and Javascript.
➔Design and build a database for a software application
➔Create and deploy a database-backed web API (Application Programming Interface)
➔Secure and manage user authentication and access control for an application backend
➔Deploy a Flask-based web application to the cloud using Docker and Kubernetes
➔SQL and Data Modeling for the Web
➔API Development and Documentation
➔Identity Access Management
➔Server Deployment and Containerization
➔Write software for front end applications and websites using JavaScript to: Fetch and display data from an API using AJAX or Fetch & Organize data using JSON (JavaScript Object Notation)
➔Basics of Javascript. - Exploring Javascript : Objects, Accessibility, Object-Oriented JavaScript techniques and ES6 Specifications.
➔Advanced Javascript skills! Using jQuery Javascript library to build Ajax requests and handle API responses.

Please email us if you have any questions at info@jalopeura.me

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Our Vision “ To make the positive difference in the lives of those around us.. ”

Jalopeura focuses on Analytics, Security, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, and Mobile Application. Their company has offices in Pune. They have a mid-size team that's between 51-200 employees.

You can view their website at https://www.jalopeura.me or find them on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Product Hunt.

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