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iMidasTouch is a company that is launching out of University of Southern California's Incubator and gained over 1500 followers on instagram in just a few months. Our company consists of 4 USC students both undergrad and recent alumni. iMidasTouch is already in the App Store, everything is built for both iOS and android which is why we are looking for a full stack developer to join the team. We have years of combined experience in social media, digital marketing, and networking. We've both worked extensively in startup environments and understand lean startup methodologies, such as iterative product releases and validated learning. As our own target users, we understand the current pain points and trends of exchanging contact information. This will help us empathize with our users. We also established handshake agreements with social media influencers at USC and 25 campus ambassadors in top universities like U. Penn, NYU, U. Miami, and many more.
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Mobile App Developer (Full Stack Developer)

Posted 12 months ago

We are looking for full stack developer who also possesses an entrepreneurial mindset that will allow the team to achieve its full potential.

Since the app is built already, we are looking for someone to maintain the app and join the team fully committed and willing to take iMidasTouch to the n...