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Developer Relations Engineer

$100k – $140k • 0.01% – 0.025%
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imgix is looking for a polyglot programmer with a passion for open-source software development. Your responsibility would be to manage and maintain imgix’s publicly available SDK—comprised of client libraries in a variety of languages and other helpful tools. The individual components of the SDK run the gamut of popular languages and frameworks, providing an easy way for developers to integrate imgix into their own services and applications.

Because these libraries are a core component of the imgix product, this role is an opportunity to substantially contribute to the success of the company and our customers.

About You:

- 3+ years of experience in an engineering role focused on building or maintaining an SDK (ideally external customer facing)
- Substantial expertise in some of the languages used by projects listed at docs.imgix.com/libraries. Of particular interest: JavaScript, Ruby, Python, Java
- Excitement to learn new languages and frameworks, and a particular focus on adopting language-specific idiomatic design patterns, test methods, and package deployment processes
- Experience with open source project participation and a desire to build healthy communities around imgix’s open source offerings
- Familiarity with best practices for managing release-driven, widely-distributed software libraries

About The Role:

- Work with developers who use these projects to identify, prioritize, and implement feature improvements
- Maintain our portfolio of client libraries and integration tools, comprising the imgix SDK
- Create and implement stronger development processes across all of the constituent parts of the imgix SDK
- Monitor industry trends and help determine when new libraries or platform integrations would be beneficial to imgix’s developer base

imgix is building the future of visual media on the Internet. imgix operates the premier solution to deliver impactful, engaging, highly responsive and super fast imagery to eyeballs around the world. The service consists of a top tier image delivery platform tightly coupled with imgix's proprietary, on-demand image processing pipeline. It provides customers with great design flexibility while reducing the engineering investment required to serve state-of-the-art visual media. imgix enables our customers to greatly increase the value of their imagery and get back to building awesome things.

We are located in downtown San Francisco, close to BART, Caltrain, and a really good sandwich place. Employee benefits are comprehensive (401k, medical, dental and vision), perks are generous (catered lunches, paid rides home, the occasional team outing), vacation time is flexible, and salaries are commensurate with experience. We also provide employees with anything they (reasonably) need to be effective in their work: funky keyboards, standing desks, a desk cactus, and maybe even a laptop. The troposphere is the limit.

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